Wow, Simple Hacks of My Heart. . .

A.S.H. }i{

So, I ran into this blog from twitter. My word, is this true. I’ve been hacked numerous different times. Maybe not by the typical thought of “hackers”

I’m talking about the supernatural! Our enemy!

As I read this story from Purposeful Faith, I understand the struggle, having had over a handful of my writings recently (just days before) which were written for God; my daily devotion insights, life experiences – my living poof of His love in my whirlwinds – just completely disappear! I sat devastated, numb, in disbelief, about ready to blow my top as I frantically search for anything resembling my lost work. Staring shocked in the wee hours of the morning, I call it in. I give up, putting everything aside – instead of running to our Lord’s arms fully. I’ve simply, let go of amazing words to share with others out of defeat and frustration. Thus, allowing my heart to be HACKED!


The pain I felt was tremendous, at that moment. I was ripped apart inside. Hours and hours of work, days, weeks and months, GONE! Was it that easy to give up, really? As I read the story, I felt so silly. Being hacked and merely giving up. I know it was not the best time (around 3am) to fight back, but I had no intention of moving forward with my writings. Until today. After realizing I’m not alone in this devastation and what I lost was nothing compared to what others may have and had.

Sooooo, Here I am, discouraged no more. This message was sent loud and clear. I can’t lay defeated another day, I need to finish what I’ve started, either from scratch or not. Finish in His name, to share with you.

Look out, enemy! I’m here again, writing for God’s Kingdom and your hacking my whirlwinds won’t stop me, I’m done accepting defeat.

In Christ’s Love, I will share my Whirlwinds of Grace from the mountaintops, shining my light for others to see.

My friends, my visitors – Christ Jesus, loves you and wants a relationship with you every moment of everyday. He is with you, just SEEK Him.

Psalm 118:7 NIV
The Lord is with me; he is my helper. I look in triumph on my enemies.

RUN to Him, STAND STRONG! Don’t let our enemy hack your heart today.

In His Love,
~ A.S.H. }i{

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