With Troubles, Comes Strength…

A.S.H. }i{

This has been a very rough few years in our family’s life. In September 2009, my Mom was diagnosed with “stomach cancer”. The worst was when her cancer was causing complications with her esophagus approximately 2 years after she had her stomach completely removed. After many procedures, which sadly failed – thus, putting her in hospital fighting for her life December 2012-March 2013, when she finally came home – we had hopes of full recovery.

In May/June 2013, we found out the cancer was in her esophagus, they then completely removed her esophagus. Again, we were in hopes of recovery. Sadly, in August my Mom began Chemo to fight the cancer cells which were now causing ascites. Unfortunately, after a few weeks in hospital she came home and was put on Hospice.

We were told it wasn’t the end of the road, but a way to be cared for better and be home with Family. So, my parents quickly went on to get my Moms dream cabin built for her at their property 4 ½ hours away, up north in Lassen County. My parents have had and continue to have many blessings with their property and cabin dream. Their contractor – is truly a gift from God. He had worked hard trying to build her cabin, sending wonderful pictures of the progress. Being there with her, seeing her DREAM come alive, was awesome, including her “Blue Roof”! 

With a heavy, but thankful heart – In God’s time, my Mom, my Best Friend, passed away (peacefully) Friday night, October 18th just days before we were all taking her to see her cabin. I am grateful she is not suffering anymore. However, I will truly miss her.

My wonderful Mom, fought an amazing fight, remaining strong in Faith – every moment. My parents just celebrated 40 years in August and for the first time in over 40 years she wanted a birthday party! I am so glad I was able to give her that wish, she was 57.

I will forever “miss” our many daily talks, laughs, tears, advice about my kids, life decisions & my Dad! LOL

 I will miss my “Mommy, hugs”.


With Love,
A.S.H. }i{

November 8th 2013

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