Can it Be? Our Lives Full of Blessings in Disguise?

A.S.H. }i{

“Whirlwinds, whirlwinds, whirlwinds. . .”

I see our lives full of “Whirlwinds”, and I surely have had plenty!

We all have many of life’s struggles, joys, stresses, heartaches, trials, and accomplishments. All of our life’s changing events, mold us into who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. I came to an epiphany in 2011 that has changed my life even more than I had already been experiencing. I share this with you and hope as you listen to the song, you can see where I have been and how life changed that glorious day.

Years ago, in 2011 – I heard this song on the radio.
I wept, I seriously wept, as I heard God speaking straight to my heart!

As God spoke to me, I began weeping uncontrollably, I felt my whirlwind slow down for a moment – My eyes opening, my heart burning, an epiphany burning in my soul. I’m BLESSED! My “whirlwinds” are BLESSINGS, MERCIES IN DISGUISE!

What! How can my “whirlwinds” be blessings & mercies, this doesn’t make sense, does it? All the pain & suffering, sleepless nights, tears, trials, mixed with bits of happiness & joy… Mercies in Disguise and Blessings?

Yes, it must be, as I look back at my life “my whirlwinds“, I see it – through it all I was given mercy and blessings. Maybe not the way I wanted it, but the way God wanted it – to mold me, into who I am today. To share, to heal, to see his grace, mercy and blessings, to teach me about FAITH and PRAYER.

My eyes were open, my heart was opening, my hands still closed, but not clenched! This moment was the beginning of new “whirlwinds” coming my way!

– A future full of seeing even more pain & suffering, sleepless nights, tears, trials, mixed with bits of happiness & joy, devastation beyond my comprehension… In this future, God will show me a life full of gifts – His GIFTS to me, undeserving little me.

A.S.H. }i{

November 2012




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